About Bodhi


Hey, everyone. Bodhi St. John here. I'm a lifetime resident of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, enjoying life with my even more beautiful wife, four kids, dorky Great Dane, and crotchety cat. After many years of writing for magazines and commercial clients, I found myself training for a half-marathon with my oldest son (then eight years old). To pass the time, we brainstormed the beginnings of a story, about a kid who was half-alien and had to save the world from a time-traveling bad guy. That was in 2010. At last, the story of Winston Chase, now massively evolved from those long-ago training walks, is ready, and I couldn't be more proud. I hope you have as much fun reading these tales as I did shaping them from nothing into reality.


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 Fourteen-year-old Nyshell is a little slower, a little clumsier, just a bit different. But with tutors and other tools wired into her brain, Nyshell and those like her have a shot at being normal. Of course, sometimes parents don't see what their kids do. Things can happen that shouldn't. And when all a girl wants is to have one friend, even if that friend exists only inside her head, that desire may change the lives of millions...if it doesn't destroy her first.

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The Journey Continues...

Winston Chase and the Theta Factor (Winston Chase, Book 2) is now in final editing and will follow right behind Book 1 in December. Stay tuned, because the action only gets more intense!